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Ground source heat pumps


Ground Source Heat pumps work by collecting energy from the ground, which in turn comes from the sun, meaning that the earth is heated every day regardless of the time of year, in addition energy from the warmer months will remain stored in the earth for the cooler times.  Just below the surface the temperature remains at a steady 4 to12oC winter or summer, and provides a free energy source which you can use to heat your property.

The heat pump collector pipes collect the energy stored in the ground by circulating a mixture of water and environmentally-friendly anti freeze solution.


The mixture absorbs the thermal energy from the ground as it passes and takes it back to the heat pump where it is converted into useable energy to heat your home through your heating systems for example underfloor heating, radiator systems and can also provide your hot water.  The water heated by the heat pump reaches 45-50oC so can be used for domestic hot water in conjunction with an immersion heater to ensure that the water is taken up to 60oC once a week to prevent Legionella.


Other than the heat pump unit which can be placed in a garage or utility room there are no visible elements to the system unless an external hot water cylinder is being used.  The heat pump typically measures around 1750x525x640mm and can be positioned in a garage or utility room.  It looks similar to a large fridge-freezer so can be discretely placed alongside other white goods in your home.


When sized correctly ground source heat pumps can provide all your hot water and heating demands all year around without additional heat source.

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