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Heat Pumps

Energy Collection | Heat Pumps


A heat pump extracts heat found in the air or ground, either inside or outside your building. This energy is then transferred to produce hot water, heating or both. The efficiency of a heat pump is measured by the COP (Co-Efficiency performance). The efficiency of a heat pump can be in excess of 400% greater than traditional fuel systems, which means for every unit of electric energy used by the heat pump you will get 4 units of heat in the house free. They offer huge savings in reducing your energy bills by up to 80%, are environmentally-friendly thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Heat pumps can provide you with energy for a variety of functions for your home – heating, cooling, domestic hot water and even ventilation.


Reducing your impact on the environment

Your heat pump can also count towards you points to meet the code for sustainable homes requirements.

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 – utilising horizontal loops or boreholes, lakes or running water



Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Exhaust Air Systems

 – utilising outdoor ambient air

– utilising indoor ambient air from kitchens, bathrooms

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