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Air to water heat pumps

 Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air  to water heat pumps operate by absorbing the heat from the outside ambiant air, the energy from which can be used to heat warm water for underfloor heating and domestic hot water, and can be complemented by the use of other renewable energy systems such as Solar.


Air to water heat pumps are ideal if its not possible to install surface collectors in the ground or drill a borehole. They are easy to install with no ground works involved thus saving you money on the installation costs.


The main difference from ground source heat pumps is that none of the air source heat pumps currently on the market can provide all the heating requirements efficiently all year around. They cover the majority of the demand in a very economical manner but will have to be either docked with an existing heating system or rely on immersion heater/electric boiler back up in peak periods. They can be used together with most electric boilers, oil & gas boilers or equivalent, our technical department can advice on compatibility with your existing system.


Air to Water heat pumps are positioned on the outside of your property at least 300cm away from the wall or they can be as much as 25 meters away from the property in the garden. They typically measure around 1200x1200x500mm.


Components are specially chosen to ensure low noise levels with in-built monitoring & safety system and adaptability enabling a choice of indoor modules such as hot water cylinders, accumulator tanks to optimise your heating system.


The system works in a similar way to a conventional fridge, but in reverse, using a vapour and compression method.  Heat can be absorbed from the air even at sub-zero temperatures


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