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Rain water harvesting

Water | Rainwater Harvesting


Replace mains water with FREE water from your roof!


Rainwater harvesting systems collect rainwater from the roof of your home via guttering and downpipes, it is then filters to remove unwanted debris before being stored in a special tank which is usually buried in the ground.  The water collected can then be used to water the garden, wash your cars, flush toilets, connect your washing machine.


Much of the water we use everyday does not have to be of drinking water quality, so rainwater harvesting is a great way of collecting a significant proportion of the water we need.  It also helps the environment, as the country becomes more and more built up rainwater has less place to drain off which contributes to flooding problems, collecting the water from our roofs makes use of this water and helps to reduce flood risks.


There are two types of Rainwater collection systems: Direct Systems and Gravity Systems


Installing rainwater harvesting equipment will also help contribute towards your points for the code for sustainable homes.


Commercial Applications

Commercial premises generally have a greater demand for non-potable water for cleaning and toilet facilities. Conversely, by having a large roof area these buildings possess a natural facility to recoup large amounts of water, and in turn, deliver substantial savings whereby the payback period can be less than 2 years.


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