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Solar water heating

Solar PV/Thermal | Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal Collector Diagram

This method is used primarily for Domestic Hot Water, but increasingly it is being used for generating energy for space heating as well.  Panels are connected to a solar cylinder to store hot water for plumbing or heating distribution.


There are two types of collector systems:

   • Flat Panel collectors where liquid is circulated through

        the panels.

    • Evacuated tube collectors which are made up of cylinder

       shaped tubes sitting side by side, they collect energy

       from all sides of the tube


Both systems heat the coil in the cylinder which in turns heats the water for your home.



Ideal position for maximum efficiency is on a south facing roof however panels can be fitted on East-West split orientation too. Main points for consideration are; the angle of the roof (optimum 30-40deg) and also location of the roof to ensure there are no shaded areas where panels are being installed. Both of these factors will directly impact on the performance of your panels.




Mounting options


•In roof (flush with roof tiles)

•On roof (sitting on top of tiles)

       Please note that evacuated tube systems can only be fitted on roof!


Energy Output

In the summer up to 100% of hot water requirements can be heated with solar technologies,

however in the winter, with less sun and fewer daylight hours, about 30% of the requirement

can be reached. Heat pump systems are often used alongside Solar Thermal systems to

supplement the hot water requirements, but traditional boilers or immersion heaters can

 also be used.

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